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Making people laugh is Jimmy Carr’s stand-up comedy, released on 8 November 2010 by the 4 DVD Studio featuring over two hours of stand-up comedy material that’s too rude for television. The stand-up comedy was recorded in Glasgow in 2009 as part of the Rapier Wit tour.

The DVD contains also some bonus materials: Jimmy Carr Just For Laughs – a selection of Jimmy’s Gala performances at the Montreal Comedy Festival , Jimmy on Famous People – some potentially treasonous jokes, Jimmy Meeting and Greeting – Jimmy saying hello to fans after the stand-up comedy live record in Glasgow.

The hardest working stand-up comedian in Britain knows how to delight his audience with another live stand-up release, “Making people laugh”. Like most of the stand-up comedian’s performances, this one is not recommended for those who are easy to offend. There are no subjects off limits: pedophilia and jokes of a sexual nature feature heavily during the 2 hours comedy performance. So, if you are easy to offend then perhaps you should give it a miss. The stand-up comedian himself says that his audience tends to have no 'moral compass'. His style is vulgar, rude offended, crossing the line most of the time, but for those who knows the stand-up comedian’s general sense of humour, delivery and quick-wittedness, this stand-up comedy is a piece of art.

If you compare this stand-up comedy with the comedian’s oldest performances, you may think this is not as good as the others, and that the stand-up comedian’s style has changed. But, look closer and listen carefully. There are so many great one liners, over 250 jokes and utterly funny routines. You can watch it several times and still enjoy it.

No one is immune watching the stand-up comedian’s sketches. I would advise you to please don't let kids watch this stand-up comedy and definitely do not watch it with your parents as it is adult and contains strong humor! It’s better to enjoy the 2 hours stand-up comedy on a Friday night with your friends. This is a must have DVD!

Quick Info Jimmy Carr : Making people laugh Video

  • Video Name: Jimmy Carr : Making people laugh
  • Release Date: 8 November 2010
  • Recorded at: 4 DVD Studio
  • Duration:
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