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Jim Gaffigan: King Baby video was released on DVD on March 31, 2009 being a great follow up for the stand up comedian previous comedy video Beyond the Pale. Filmed in Austin during Gaffigan’s 2008 stand up comedy tour, King Baby video is 72 minutes of hilarious stand up comedy, directed by Troy Miller and produced by Alex Murray, Tracey Baird and AJ DiAntionio.

Stand up comedian Jim Gaffigan is best known for his routines or skits relating to being lazy and eating food, especially popular routines regarding Hot Pockets, cake, and bacon. The King Baby stand up comedy video gathers the same topics, with fresh new jokes. The King Baby video is made from footage from his “Sexy Tour” in 2008. Stand up comedian Jim Gaffigan stated that he chose this particular name for the stand up comedy tour because he thought it would be funny that parents would be unsure about whether to bring their teenage children to the show, according to Gaffigan’s March 2009 interview on Anytime with Bob Kushell.

Jim Gaffigan: King Baby video is trademark Jim Gaffigan stand up comedy. The stand up comedian uses his pudginess, laziness, and gastronomical obsession to create hilarious punchlines and to inform his audience how much a pig he is and all are, at the end of the day. Jim Gaffigan trough his King Baby stand up comedy video teaches his fans the wonders of meat, the absurdities of camping, and the sheer genius of the escalator and snooze bar.

The most valuable lesson the stand up comedian gives us is that eating all food with bacon (or at least the most magical form of bacon: the bits of bacon), can only achieve perfection if done while lounging on the couch and watching television at the same time. In King Baby video, Jim Gaffigan also talks about going out bowling, his bedroom, ketchup, waffle house and much more.

Jim Gaffigan’s jokes about getting a disease by putting your finger in the holes of a bowling ball to losing a remote while your laying down and of course, America's love for bacon are hilarious and the audience loves them because they speak the truth about our everyday life.

What is great about Jim Gaffigan: King Baby video is that it contains all new jokes, no rehashed ones from the previous video Beyond the Pale. Plus, stand up comedian Jim Gaffigan may not expand what has made him a hilarious comedian but he's mastered his art of laziness, eating and the audience member voice.

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