Jim Breuer:Hardcore

Hardcore is a stand-up comedy video set by Jim Breuer, released on DVD on September 24, 2002. The video is produced by Paul Miller at the Comedy Central Studio and has a run time of 60 minutes. The DVD Extras also contains some old footage such as never-aired performance segments and two segments from Jim's first Comedy Central performance.

The distinct element that sets Jim Breuer apart from most stand-up comedians today is simple. He's an honest great storyteller. His jokes are more than just mere simple setups and lines, they are an inside look into the comedian’s life. When you listen to his standup routines, you feel as though you've known him for years. Hardcore is a hilarious routine that includes all these elements. His limitless amount of energy, his facial expressions and movements make from Breuer an expert in nowadays stand-up comedians.

Jim Breuer: Hardcore video is one of the comedian’s hilarious shows features the comedian performing material. In this comedy special, the comedian talks about music, drugs, growing up, becoming a father, being married, breaking into show business and more. The stand up comedian also delivers some great humor about his dead-on impressions of AC/DC, Joe Pesci and Jack Nicholson. The stand-up comedian’s show is absolutely hilarious when he imitates his mother talking to him about the type of people he hangs out with. The camel stand up comedy skit in the beginning of the comedy show is utterly funny and the "Extra" clip of 'My Dog Duffy will certainly cause stomach pains because of laughing so hard. There's also a band that the comedian travels around with, when he performs the stand-up comedy, which really separates this comedy special from the rest.

Anytime, the stand-up comedian Jim Breuer is on the stage, you can be sure it’s not just a regular night of stand-up comedy but an all-out crazy comedy party. You will definitely start laughing just watching the comedian run around the stage like a madman, imitating different characters in Hardcore video.

Buy Jim breuer: Hardcore stand-up comedy DVD. Buy two of these, because you are going to laugh so hard that you will get mad and try and destroy the thing you love the most, but it's ok because you still have that other copy you bought.

Quick Info Jim Breuer:Hardcore

  • Video Name: Hardcore Video
  • Release Date: September 24, 2002
  • Recorded at: Comedy Central Studio
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): jim breuer video |

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