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Comedian is the name of a stand-up performance produced by Jerry Seinfeld, directed by Christian Charles, a video released on 13th May 2003. This video is the work of Seinfeld and another newcomer. Together they detail the effort and the frustration stocked behind putting together a successful act and a comedian career, while travelling.

In Comedian, Seinfeld strikes again, doing the unimaginable: he retires his stand-up act and starts over again, developing an entirely new material. The video shows the process, the rehearsals, the meetings with the fellow comedians and the appearance before a national audience. While watching this, people get inside his show and take a glimpse behind the scene of stand-up comedy, while listening to a work conceived as a documentary.

In Comedian the act develops in an ironic juxtaposition of the two men, Seinfeld and Orny Adams. While Seinfeld discusses in the video his celebrity status, but also his doubts and feelings of discomfort while being on the stage, Adams gets arrogant and self-confident, although he still has to climb the steps of stand-up comedy. Adams also confesses that, at times, he is critic about his own performance.

Besides these, the two comedians deal with personal idols, demons, colleagues, the long road towards perfection, critical evaluations of their skills, talents, shows, videos, depression, the feeling of losing ability, issues to which Addams seems prone. These are interspersed with some brief fragments of their stand-up videos. Watching these together with Seinfeld’s explanations along the video brings to one’s view about stand-up comedy a different shade.

Watching this video, as a girl especially, you get the impression that the world of stand-up comedy and of comedians is a men’s only field. But there’s more to it, as Comedian shows that comedy is a very serious business which needs to be created and whose secret lays deep in one’s comedian imagination.

The video Comedian is a great opportunity if you are interested in watching more of Jerry Seinfeld than just acting. Get the DVD and enjoy it, but watch it with a critical eye.

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