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Jeff Dunham Spark of Insanity is his second live performance, released on DVD on September 18th, 2007. It comes after his first DVD release, Arguing With Myself.

Jeff Dunham - Spark of Insanity Video Review

Spark of Insanity video opens with a hysterical monologue, so he can later bring his friends, Walter, Peanut, Jalapeno on a stick, a new version of Melvin the Superhero and, of course, Achmed, the Dead Terrorist, as they all get out of his already well-known suitcase. The talented ventriloquist Jeff Dunham does not fail to entertain the audience with his puppets, which are very impersonated. At some point one could even forget that there`s a comedian talent behind all of them and believe that they could even be real. Among the themes he jokes about, by using his puppets, the audience can also see jokes about his wife, ethnic minorities and there is also some sexual content in the video, which makes it not recommended to children. Achmed the Dead Terrorist also talks about himself, as he tries to scare the comedian and the audience. He also talks about the kind of terrorist he is and his attributions as part of this job.

The DVD release of Jeff Dunham`s Spark of Insanity video also contains some special features, such as: Making of Melvin – the video shows the making of Melvin the Superhero, What Would You Put on a Stick?, where A cameraman asks people what they would put on a stick and Walter's Political Announcement the part where Walter announces he's running for president and states the things he plans to do.

As it happens to every stand-up comedy show, there are critics who say that his previous performance was far better than Spark of Insanity. On the other hand, his fans still appreciate his great, refreshing humor and the originality by which he succeeds in bringing up such funny lines.

Probably the most talented ventriloquist today, Jeff Dunham demonstrates once again his comedian talent and skill. The Spark of Insanity video, with a runtime of 80 minutes surely deserves your time and you should definitely watch it at least one time.

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