Jeff Altman: Live at the Comedy Store

Jeff Altman Live at the Comedy Store is a stand-up comedy show in audio format, labeled at Laugh.Com, audio CD released on 14th August 2001. The CD contains thirteen routines. Jeff Altman chose the name of the comedy club The Comedy Store for his CD, which is a great introduction into the world of stand-up comedy, as the club from California guests several well known and beloved comedians of all times.

Stand-up comedian Jeff Altman is touching upon several aspects of life in his stand-up comedy concert, from Vegas to dating. There is a notable preference for relationships in the concert, as most of the routines refer to men and women, kids, marriage, dating of all kinds and the way in which people date. Altman could not have left out the classical jokes men vs. women; nevertheless he does not neglect other aspects such as TV, movies, music, commercials, and college.

In Live at The Comedy Store, the stand-up comedian although mixes the subjects, he does not create a pall-mall, contrary, he links them all one to the other in a well shaped stand-up comedy concert presented to us in a fine audio quality.

Jeff Altman has the special ability of acting silly, and what’s more, to make the others feel silly as well. He is a high-energy comedian, with an infectious and contagious comedy style. After listening to Altman, people end up quoting funny lines from his routines and concerts; that is how entertaining and energetic the comedian proves to be.

One line I personally like very much is from Men vs. Women routine in which Altman states that women are braver than men because they do things guys will never do, like “go to each other’s home and try on each other’s clothes. You will never see a guy trying that!” It seems to me that this is the most obvious difference between the two genders, extending at all the aspects of life.

So do not miss Jeff Altman’s stand-up concert. Buy the Live at the Comedy Store CD, listen to it and you will realize that you can make fun of the most common and small things in your life.

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