Irwin Corey: An evening with Professor Irwin Corey Video

An evening with Professor Irwin Corey is a stand-up comedy, performed by the comedian Irwin Corey and released on June 14, 1989 by the Anchor Bay.

The stand-up comedian is definitely famous thanks to his crazy professor role. While performing his “Nutty Professor” stand-up comedy routine, he always appears in front of his audience in a formal wear and sneakers, with his bushy hair sprouting in all directions. In this stand-up comedy, legendary comedian Irwin Corey is presented doing what he does best, pretending to be a professor and authority on just about anything, and giving the audience glib and ridiculous answers and explanations.

The result of the stand-up comedian’s performance is absolutely hilarious. The “professor” would amble on stage in a preoccupied manner, then begin his sketch with "However ..." The stand-up comedian created a new style of doublespeak comedy and instead of making up nonsense words, the Professor would season his speech with many long and florid, but authentic, words. The stand-up comedian in the role of the professor would then launch into nonsensical observations about anything under the sun, but seldom actually making sense. The stand-up comedian’s facial expressions and body movements help so much to this stand-up comedy performance. His vocabulary is academic and ironic in the same time.

In this stand-up comedy, Professor Irwin Corey goes through some pseudo-academic subjects and social commentary. His exceptionally unique and unforgettable style of comedy will be stuck in your mind days after watching his stand-up routine. It takes special talent and intelligence to be that funny without being offensive, vulgar or crude and the stand-up comedian excels at this. Watching this stand-up comedy, you will realize that the stand-up comedian’s show is not for everyone but it's definitely comedy for those who want intelligent comedy. Believe me, this stand-up comedy it's something you'll want to watch over and over again.

If you’ll buy this DVD to 20 or more of my family and friends, you’ll not be able to find one disappointed of this stand-up comedy performance. If Professor Corey doesn't make you laugh out loud and with tears, you may be broken. This stand-up comedy is definitely a must have! Highly recommended!

Quick Info Irwin Corey: An evening with Professor Irwin Corey Video

  • Video Name: Irwin Corey: An evening with Professor Irwin Corey Video
  • Release Date: June 14, 1989
  • Recorded at: Anchor Bay
  • Duration:
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 1989 | irwin corey video |

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