Here! Comedy Presents: Kate Clinton Video

Here! Comedy Presents: Kate Clinton is a stand-up comedy performed by Kate Clinton and released on January 16, 2007 by the Liberation Entertainment Studio. The stand-up comedy has a run time of 85 minutes.

Kate Clinton continues is well known as being a major contributor to the lesbian and gay culture. The stand-up comedian performs stand-up comedy from a lesbian perspective. In this stand-up comedy, no topic in taboo for the legendary comedienne, Kate Clinton, who performs her sketches on different issues of the day such as feminism, lesbianism, politics, life, marriage, sex, pop culture and more. For nearly 90 minutes, she tells us hilarious stories, amusing anecdotes, and obvious politically slanted material. The stand-up comedian routine will definitely make you laugh out loud.

That being said, the stand-up comedian style is extremely funny and original. And I think it's because she is so comfortable onstage, tells a story so well, has such great delivery, and commands the attention of an audience. The stand-up comedian is not afraid to put herself out there and let us all laugh about things that we probably all experience but are afraid to talk about. The lesbian comedian is an extremely talented, charming, clever and funny woman and this stand-up comedy show proves this.

Unlike a lot of stand-up comedy albums, this stand-up show feels like a singular piece, not just a bunch of sketches strung together with the thinnest of transitions. Such is the strength and consistency of the stand-up comedian's voice who managed to perform a hilarious stand-up comedy. The comedian’s facial expressions and body movements help so much to the hilarious material she does on this stand-up comedy show. Here! Comedy Presents: Kate Clinton is definitely a must have for all the stand-up comedy collectors. Your list wouldn’t be complete without this stand-up comedy performance.

If you’ll buy this DVD to 20 or more of my family and friends, believe, you’ll not be able to find one disappointed of this stand-up comedy routine. If it doesn't make you laugh out loud and with tears, you may be broken. This stand-up comedy is definitely a must have! Highly recommended!

Quick Info Here! Comedy Presents: Kate Clinton Video

  • Video Name: Here! Comedy Presents: Kate Clinton
  • Release Date: January 16, 2007
  • Recorded at: Liberation Ent
  • Duration: 85 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 2007 | kate clinton video |

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