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Why You Crying? is a video by George Lopez, directed by Paul Miller, released on DVD on 13th September 2005. In the video Lopez focuses on his childhood experience, that is, a Latino growing up in the United States of America, in a place that became his comedy platform. What the comedian does is taking you, while watching his performance, on a liberating journey as he presents in detail his life and the Mexican culture.

The central topics in George Lopez Why You Crying? video, not surprisingly, are family relationships, insecurities, sexuality, drinking, language, heritage, values, influence of the society, friends, peers. The comedian George Lopez gives in the stand-up routine a comedic look at the Hispanic culture, without making it exclusively for Latinos, but constantly relating it to issues everyone watches and deals with in their daily routine. His video is universal, a characteristic of George Lopez’s enormous talent in Why You Crying? video.

While watching the video you pretty much get the impression that families are, in big lines, alike, regardless of the heritage and history and the issues on which he develops his comedy are universal as well, but more important, they are parts and bits of the reality.

Personally I admire and enjoy watching a comedian who, besides picking on the society he inhabits, knows how to joke on his past and of how this affected or helped him. What George Lopez does in Why You Crying? video is making fun of himself, mocking some of his personal issues. This is what I consider takes to be a good and loved comedian. George Lopez is aware of that, thing which gives extra credit for watching his video.

It’s enough to be a fan of stand-up comedy in order to understand and watch Why You Crying? video by George Lopez. Although a bit repetitive, George Lopez never gets boring or old or far-fetched and If it were to categorize the DVD I would definitely tag this as a must see comedy video, funny from start to finish. Purchase and watch George Lopez in Why You Crying? video!

Quick Info George Lopez - Why You Crying? video

  • Video Name: Why You Crying?
  • Release Date: September 13, 2005
  • Recorded at: Terrace Theatre in Long Beach California
  • Duration: 79 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 2004 | george lopez video |

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