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Another one of George Lopez’s videos, Tall, Dark and Chicano was released in 2009, it is directed by Marty Caller and starring is the comedian and actor George Lopez, one of the most beloved Latino and comedians in the United States. After watching his video, some people rate it as the best performance; others consider that Lopez builds up history every time is being watched on the stage of stand-up comedy.

In Tall, Dark and Chicano video stand-up comedian George Lopez focuses on race relations between Mexicans and Latinos, and also European Americans. All this combined together in a video lead to an edgy, deep, big stand-up comedy video in which people are watching and enjoying that are even less politically correct than in Lopez’s other stand-up performances and videos. Tall, Dark and Chicano video is extremely powerful and raw from this point of view, but is somehow revealing the “ugly truth”, an as they say.

It’s not only funny, but also provocative to watch a Mexican comedian like George Lopez joking and dealing with issues like gender jokes and especially race jokes. George Lopez Tall, Dark and Chicano video reveals a great deal about the comedian’s, George Lopez’s roots in the industry of stand-up comedy, fans, confidence of breaking free from the social restraints and no longer keep his jikes in shade and hidden, but rather give them to the public to watch.

What seemed a proof of courage while watching Tall, Dark and Chicane video was the fact that Lopez is not afraid of talking and dealing with things people are usually afraid to speak of, be it from, be it from ethical, political reasons, be it because of the impression of offending. But the stand-up comedy that George Lopez provides in Tall, Dark and Chicano video is not meant to be offensive, but is meant to put the reality into a comical light.

The way the comedian discusses modern kids, family values, love, sex, immigration, Latino roots honors him with a great title in the empire of stand-up comedy, and this makes Tall Dark and Chicano video by George Lopez essential to watch.

Quick Info George Lopez - Tall, Dark & Chicano video

  • Video Name: Tall, Dark & Chicano
  • Release Date: December 15, 2009
  • Recorded at: AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 2009 | george lopez video |

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