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George Lopez is an actor in America’s Mexican, written by the stand-up comedian himself and directed by Marty Caller, video released on 3rd July 2007 in which the George Lopez presents his stand-up comedy show, as the title suggests, in terms of Latino subjects, focusing on his own Latino roots, the issue of immigration and assimilation. In America’s Mexican video, he also touches on the language, which he names “spanglish”, builds a contrast between old-school values and modern-day children, interracial relations, and last, but not least, the future, all touched by a comic note.

Although stand-up comedian George Lopez worked in sitcoms for a very long time, his roots are deeply grown in the ground of stand-up comedy business. Here is the comedian’s heritage and comfort zone, the place where he loves being watched, clearly stated in America’s Mexican video.

America’s Mexican video is fun to watch because a great amount of what is present as comedy reflects the “because it’s true” style. During the video, among other aspects, he goes into politics. His views on president Bush and governor Arnold Schwartzanager are hilarious. When referring to the subject matter of family comedian George Lopez pinpoints the universal type of family in which there is always a crazy grandmother, an uninvited uncle, a black sheep among the children, and so on, about which, while watching, people automatically node.

In America’s Mexican video the laughter starts as soon as the stand-up comedy show begins. If you pay attention while you watch the video, people often laugh even when Lopez is not doing anything in particular. And when he makes use of a facial expression or a gesture, the audience instantaneously bursts into laughter.

Although stand-up comedian George Lopez often speaks Spanish in America’s Mexican video, one can easily assume what he’s talking about, and when he switches back to English, I get crazy about it, because every word carries the comedy marker with it.

If you want to laugh your brains out and you are still looking for a good DVD, then George Lopez’s videos are definitely the solution. Watch America’s Mexican video, one hour-laughter comedy laughter guaranteed.

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