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Stand-up comedy video It’s Bad For Ya is the 14th and last HBO special of stand-up comedian George Carlin. Filmed in March 2008, only three month before his death, It’s Bad For Ya video was nominated at the Emmy award. The 69-minutes video was released on DVD in November 2008. In It’s Bad For Ya stand-up comedy video, the late George Carlin once again comes up with brand new material that not only makes you laugh, but makes you think.

It's Bad For Ya stand-up comedy video will probably scare and offend many. For those wanting the hippy dippy weatherman type of humor, light, this will feel like a sledgehammer. Walking around his living room set, stand-up comedian George Carlin shares with us his thoughts on a variety of topics. Although he is quite angry and cynical, he was also very intelligent and pertinent.

George Carlin’s It’s Bad For Ya stand-up comedy concert covers topics like old age, death, religion, overprotected children, stupid boring people, docile public, patriotism, civic customs and rights. There is strong language throughout and you need to not be easily offended to enjoy his style of comedy. The comedian tries to open people’s eyes to the hypocrisy and lies of those in authority. This is the message sent by stand-up comedian George Carlin in his It’s Bad For Ya video.

It’s Bad For Ya stand-up comedy video was George Carlin’s last chance to tell the world what he thought, getting his last few words in for everyone to hear. In this video we can watch an old and rather weakened George Carlin, but his jokes are still strong and fresh; his style didn’t wither with age. During his life he gathered experience and he definitely shared it with us, every piece of it.

It’s Bad For Ya is a stand-up video concert intended for laughs but ends up going much deeper. Stand-up comedian George Carlin easily attacks our beliefs and values, destroying them. It is the same wonderful Carlin, funny but thought provoking. His jokes make a lot of sense to those willing to think and question why we are in this state. If you watch George Carlin: It’s Bad For Ya, the stand-up comedian will make you re-evaluate all that you believe in.

Quick Info George Carlin - It's bad for ya! video

  • Video Name: It's bad for ya!
  • Release Date: July 29, 2008
  • Recorded at: Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, Santa Rosa, California
  • Duration: 69 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 2008 | george carlin video |

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