George Carlin - Doin' it Again video

Stand-up comedian George Carlin amuses us once again with his 7th live stand-up comedy concert for HBO called Doin’ It Again. Doin’ It Again video was taped at The State Theatre in New Brunwick, New Jersey in 1990 and released on DVD in 2005.

In this 60 minutes video Doin' It Again, stand-up comedy is at its best. George Carlin takes on everyday life giving us to watch a hilarious interpretation. The stand-up comedian George Carlin makes funny as hell observations varying from embarrassing underwear situations to people who announce their bathroom activities. In Doin’ It Again video, nothing escapes this comedic veteran's watchful eye. Cancer, rape, stupid people, dogs, organ donor programs, when toilet paper became bathroom tissue, "pulling the plug," and offensive language - they all receive George Carlin's special treatment in this uproarious performance.

The beginning of Doin’ It Again video is outrageous as stand-up comedian George Carlin explains the language he will not be using for the show. The routine that follows, Life's Little Moments, could easily have you in stitches especially when stand-up comedian George Carlin describes shaking hands with someone who's missing a few fingers.

Doin’ It Again video continues with George Carlin’s one of his many routines about dogs, expresses his thoughts on cancer, talks about stupid people, the humorous side of rape, feminists, blowjobs, prostitution, his good ideas, organ donor programs, comatose, and ends with a tight discussion on words and euphemisms.

In Doin’ It Again video, stand-up comedian George Carlin talks about things we never see or hear, things we don't want to hear. His stand-up comedy is filled with him making his traditional goofy faces and voices which just add to the laughs. He is hilarious, but intelligent and passionate.

For people who are not yet fans of George Carlin’s stand-up comedy or they never watched his videos before, I strongly recommend to watch online George Carlin: Doin’ It Again video before you decide to buy the DVD. He is not like the traditional stand-up comedians and Doin’ It Again video is surely not conventional at all.

Quick Info George Carlin - Doin' it Again video

  • Video Name: Doin' it Again
  • Release Date: August 30, 2005
  • Recorded at: State Theater, New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 1990 | george carlin video |

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