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Carlin on Campus video of stand-up comedian George Carlin was recorded in 1984 being a college performance. The 60-minutes video was released on DVD in 2001 and contains routines like Cars and Driving, A Place for Our Stuff, Baseball vs. Football.

Being one of George Carlin’s earliest works of stand-up comedy, Carlin on Campus video is not that angry, but is truthful, intelligent and funny as hell. Beginning with a little offstage psychodrama about the pain of being a class clown in Catholic school, Carlin on Campus video continues with the former Hippie-Dippie Weatherman's take on Brooklynese pronunciations of the names of sexually transmitted disease.

Carlin on Campus video continues with stand-up comedian George Carlin’s prayer for the separation of church and state, feuds between breakfast foods, and the absurdity of wearing jungle camouflage in a desert.

While Carlin on Campus video goes along, Carlin's tone and choice of material toughen up. George Carlin starts making fun of passive-aggressive drivers, lobbies hard for his "world's most obscene cheer," and suggests that people may be ready for "full-contact chess."

In Cars and Driving routine from Carlin on Campus video, the stand-up comedian suggests slamming your brakes so the idiot behind you in traffic who won't turn off his high beams crashes into you, destroying their headlights and teaching them a lesson in the process.

In Carlin on Campus video stand-up comedian George Carlin makes some inspired and funny observations on flamethrowers and the Rain Dance. There are also some fun memories about Carlin’s grandfather and his famous dog, Tippy. Carlin on Campus stand-up comedy video also offers tips on how to deal with your boss.

Stand-up comedian George Carlin, in Carlin on Campus video has very intelligent observations. Some of them perverse, but you can watch the touch of a genius, in their simplicity. All this jokes are even better if you watch the Carlin on Campus video because of his truly expressive mimic and intonation.

If you love George Carlin or if you have just discovered him, I strongly recommend you to watch online George Carlin: Carlin on Campus video. It is one of his early videos, not that angry and raw but he delivers the same intelligent and observational stand-up comedy which became trademark for the late George Carlin.

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