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George Carlin: At Carnegie Hall video, another HBO special, was recorded in 1982 In New York City. The stand-up comedy video DVD was released in 2001 and it gives us to watch 60 minutes of the amazing performance of the genius who was George Carlin.

In At Carnegie Hall video stand-up comedian George Carlin performs routines like Rice Krispies, Newscast #3, Have a Nice Day, Ice-Box Man, Fussy Eater, Dogs and Cats #2, Over 200 Filthy Words and Phrases and more. This is the same kind of intelligent stand-up comedy about things that we meet with every single day, we live them, but we never stop and analyze them. Well, George Carlin does it for us in At Carnegie Hall video and the outcome is hilarious.

Stand-up comedian George Carlin, a popular satirist, is making a persuasive and very funny case that comedy suffers from negative associations in our language ("That guy is sure acting funny..."). On the rebound from his second heart attack ("I lead Richard Pryor in heart attacks two to one, and he leads me in setting oneself on fire"), Carlin follows his rambling observations through such random topics as whether one can argue with Rice Krispies or reject a well-wisher's blessing of "Have a nice day."

The Cat and Dogs#2 part of the At Carnegie Hall video is really funny, especially for those who have as pets cats and dogs. It is Hilarious how stand-up comedian George Carlin manages to pick on the small things that for us, dogs or cats owners, seem so normal. This is exactly what stand-up comedian George Carlin is doing in At Carnegie Hall video. He makes normal things seem abnormally funny. In At Carnegie Hall video, stand-up comedian George Carlin also excels at pointing out the absurdities of language, and how they lead to absurdities in the way we think.

Other items on the At Carnegie Hall video agenda include a look at the news, an overview of foods that don't look edible, and Carlin's ever-expanding list of dirty words to provoke the authorities.

Stand-up comedian George Carlin talks about food in At Carnegie Hall video. But, keep in mind who are we talking about here. Not many are those who can talk about food like Carlin does. His imagination has no limits and it is helped by his passion for stand-up comedy. One can not have a better recipe for making people laugh.

Watching George Carlin: At Carnegie Hall video is like watching a master work - a master of stand-up comedy, of course. He is passionate, witty and on the spot. Being an early material, he is not that angry and he does not touches political subjects.

Quick Info George Carlin - Carlin at Carnegie video

  • Video Name: Carlin at Carnegie
  • Release Date: August 28, 2001
  • Recorded at: Carnegie Hall, New York City
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 1982 | george carlin video |

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