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Stand-up comedy Back in Town video aired as a live broadcast from New York City's Beacon Theater in 1996. It features stand-up comedian George Carlin performing 60 minutes of his trademark comedy, released on DVD in 2003.

Back in Town video represents the new bitter, sarcastic and angry stand-up comedian George Carlin giving birth to his trademark acerbic observations on topics such as abortion, capital punishment and how it should be televised, familiar expressions and bodily functions. Classic routines Sanctity of Life, State Prison Farms, Free-Floating Hostility – the many things that tick him off - and more are included in this hysterical stand-up comedy performance.

In Back in Town video, comedian George Carlin takes stand-up comedy a level higher. The stand-up comedian talks about everything, and does not hold back for one second. It is better for the easily offended or those who don’t like to be made fun of controversial subject as abortion or religion, not to watch this stand-up comedy video. But for those who do like all this things, Back in Town video will be a complete delight because stand-up comedian George Carlin is raw and profane. But the difference between George Carlin and other stand-up comedians who curse is that George's profanities are born out of genuine frustration - when he's trying to emphasize a point. He doesn't curse, just to get peoples' attention.

Stand-up comedian George Carlin comments on the topics of the day in the Back in Town video, things a lot of us wish we had the courage to talk about, in a negative or positive way. For him, performing stand-up comedy is the chance to say exactly what’s on his mind - whether any of us likes it, or not. On the other hand, in Back in Town video, as well as in any other video you will watch, George Carlin is not afraid to poke fun at himself, every so often. This is one of the things that make great stand-up comedy. If you are able to laugh at yourself, that means you are truthful to yourself and people around. The comedy will have a solid base and people will enjoy it and maybe they won’t feel offended when you make fun of them.

Watch online George Carlin: Back in Town video because this show is not only funny but very insightful and it combines comedy with brutal truth.

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