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“40 years of comedy”, is a stand-up comedy, performed by George Carlin, directed by Rocco Urbisci, released on 27 February 1997, with a run time of 50 minutes. The comedy special is a look at the stand-up comedian’s work through the last 4 decades.

Along with Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor, the stand-up comedian, George Carlin was one of the most famous, respected and controversial stand-up comics of the late 20th century. His stand-up comedy style is unique, and is based on the truth behind words and phrases. The stand-up comedian often talks in his sketches about the hypocrisies of the authority, politics, the English language, psychology, religion, and various taboo subjects. The stand-up comedian’s black humor is visible in this special comedy that contains clips of his television appearances during his stand-up comedy career.

This stand-up special, “40 years of comedy”, featured a career retrospective of the comedian’s television stand-up appearances on HBO. The stand-up comedy aired live from Wheeler Theater in Aspen, Colorado, in 1997 being a part of the US Comedy Arts Festival. The stand-up comedy contains only 27 minutes of stand-up performance, the rest of the special is a celebration of the stand-up comedian’s 40th years anniversary in the industry of comedy, presenting clips of his TV appearances, as well an interview with host Jon Steward.

The comedy special was a real success and won two CableACE awards and was nominated for an additional two Emmys. The routines from this special stand-up comedy will definitely make you cry of laughing. Some of you may consider that this stand-up comedy is perfect for the old generation, because contains some old segments, but I can assure you that the stand-up comedian’s performance has new, original and incredible funny material. The “Advertising bullshit" sketch, from the second part of the stand-up comedian’s performance is "drop-to-the-ground" funny and proves the fact that the stand-up comedian is still a notable name in the comedy nowadays.

If you love comedy that's insane, different, unpredictable and hysterically funny, and you also want to find out more about the stand-up comedian’s career retrospective, you must buy this DVD.

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