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George Burns Live in Concert is a stand-up comedy directed by Jim Snow, set by the stand-up comedian George Burns, released on DVD in February 13, 2007 by the Somerville House. The stand-up performance has a run time of 56 minutes.

The stand-up comedian was 86 when he first performed this stand-up live comedy. Despite his age, the stand-up comedian proved that he had never been livelier or funnier. This live concert captures the comedian at the top of his comedy performance (where he had been for decades), as he exhibits the same wit, style and grace that made him one of the most famous comedians ever to hit the stage or screen.

The stand-up comedian began his career at age seven as a singer and later performed as a dancer, and stand-up comedian. In 1933, the stand-up comedian and his wife, Gracie Allen, performed their own show on American radio for 17 years, playing fictional versions of their real-life, concentrating on their classic stage routines and sketch comedy.

During the 56 minutes stand-up session, the Oscar winner delights his audience with his stand-up comic style. The stand-up comedian is really in his element and presents his lines with energy and charisma in such an adorable way. His talent it’s so funny and original. The stand-up comedian knows for sure how to make people laugh out loud. The stand-up comedy includes his famous monotone singing. He reflects on vaudeville, growing old, Gracie Allen and singing in this 1982 performance.

The stand-up comedian is a master of comedy. He knows how to capture the audience’s interest. It’s not just a question of experience, but a gift he had. From the moment he arrives on stage, the stand-up comedian knows how to perform his routines, how to present his funny lines in front of a live audience. This DVD shows that the comedian remained in prime form all the way.

Watching this comedy routine we could say that the stand-up comedian’s great humor it like fine wine. It gets funnier with age and proves once again that this man is the patron saint of comedy. It is a wonder where he puts his halo. Buy this stand-up DVD because is a true comedy classic for the entire family to enjoy!

Quick Info George Burns Live in Concert Video

  • Video Name: George Burns Live in Concert
  • Release Date: February 13, 2007
  • Recorded at: Somerville House
  • Duration: 56 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): george burns video | 2007 |

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