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Here and Now is stand up comedian Ellen DeGeneres’ second HBO comedy special. The stand up comedy show was filmed at the Beacon Theater on Broadway in New York City, New York and first aired on June 28th, 2003. Directed by Joel Gallen, the 60 minutes Here and Now stand up comedy show was released on DVD on June 1, 2004.

Stand up comedian Ellen DeGeneres is famous for hosting the syndicated talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and she was also a judge on American Idol for one year, having joined the show in its ninth season. The versatile comedian is also an actor. She played in two television sitcoms, Ellen and The Ellen Show and she came out publicly as a lesbian on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

When you first see stand up comedian Ellen DeGeneres, you can easily say that she is the nice next door neighbor. But when she starts her rumble about every little detail of life, no one can stop her. She is very sincere and her views on day-to-day life are simply hilarious. Ellen is not too edgy, not too nice either. She is just plain funny.

In Here and Now stand up comedy video, Ellen DeGeneres touches a lot of subjects, like sexuality, procrastination, television, disorders, cellular phone conversations, self-esteem, laziness, yogurt, movie theatres, embarrassing situations and etiquette. It is a real thrill to watch the stand up comedian in action. She is very confident and connects easily with the audience. What is more likable about Ellen DeGeneres is that she doesn't need to use a lot of cussing and talk a lot about sex to be funny. She can still be hilarious without being dirty.

Ellen DeGeneres is at her best in Here and now stand up comedy video. Her thoughts and ideas are things that we all think about but are too afraid to say out loud. It is easy to relate to the stand up comedian’s stories because they are timeless and real pieces of life nowadays. And it is all wrapped up in a very familiar envelope: procrastination.

If you enjoyed her TV show the Ellen DeGeneres Show, you will surely love Ellen DeGeneres: Here and Now stand up comedy video. It is an hour of good laughing that will put you in a good mood. Because it is quite clean, you can watching with your family and spend some quality time together. It will be worth it!

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