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Eddie Murphy in Raw comes with a kind of sequel for Delirious. Eddie Murphy Raw video was released in 1987 in The United States of America and it is a stand-up performance recorded live, a show in which for an hour and a half the comedian deals, mostly, with two subjects: women and sex.

In Eddie Murphy Raw video the two above mentioned subjects mostly build up the plot; nevertheless, among the topics of divorce and relationships, Eddie Murphy goes into issues like the burden of fame, in which he includes the problems of offended listeners, dislikes after his shows are being watched, but also the pleasant surprise of meeting fans who of the greet him with his phrases and remarks.

The stand-up comedian and performance, Raw that is, was seldom tagged as offensive, crude, infantile, empty, but most of the time there is a single, unanimous word that characterizes his video: hilarious. It is not far-fetched to declare that the type of comedy Murphy produces is laugh-out-loud funny, and also contains a lot of truth when referring to women, dating and marriage.

Whether you like Eddie Murphy or not, his performance in Raw is quite a show. Although his harsh language, swearing and hate speech makes everything comical to watch, the actor would still be entertaining without any of that. The dirty words he uses in his video are not meant to be offensive, well, not all the time anyway, but the comedy effects are even greater with them in it. Murphy admits it in Raw, confesses his unorthodoxy, but he never gets rid of the profane language. It wouldn’t be Eddie Murphy anymore if he tried to do so.

In Eddie Murphy Raw video, Mr T, Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby are mentioned. Eddie Murphy says he has received a phone call form Bill Cosby, telling him that his son requested that Murphy not say the word "f**k" on stage again. Eddie Murphy called Richard Pryor and told him what Cosby said. Hearing that, Richard Pryor referred to Cosby as "Jell-O-puddin' eatin' motherfucka".

Relationships are another subject of Eddie Murphy’s Raw; he joked about the divorces in the 80's, when the wives divorcing their husbands were taking 'half!'; He also talk about the faults of both men and women in an relationship. He jokes that he intends to go deep into Africa to get a wife who (he hopes) will never divorce him. He also jokes about Japanese women who are supposedly obedient to their husbands.

Murphy also talks about the stereotypical behavior on Italian-Americans and about white people's inability to dance. Murphy also refers to his family, exaggerating about how poor his family was. He talks about his mother who makes enormous hamburgers and he impersonates his father drunk.

Eddie Murphy Raw contained the word "f**k" 223 times. This remained a record until the release of Goodfellas in 1990. What is brilliant about watching Eddie Murphy in his stand-up show Raw is the way in which he uses his whole comedian body in order to build his comedy. He’s actively engaged in what he does on the stage, and you can’t miss such genius facts. I definitely recommend buying and watching Eddie Murphy Raw DVD, not just once, but again after a while.

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