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Eddie Izzard: Stripped video was taped at Lyric Theatre during Eddie Izzard’s stand-up comedy tour in 2008 and was released on DVD in 2009. The Stripped video has a length of 104 minutes and is filled with Eddie Izzard’s brand of stand-up comedy- funny, dazzling but intelligent in the same time.

Stripped video was the first DVD released after six years and it was very expected by stand-up comedian’s fans. Eddie Izzard didn’t let down his fans not even this time and he comes with some of his best and older routines, but improved and some new material as well.

In Stripped video, stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard touches subjects like God and atheism, the queen, animals, the Stone Age and much more. All of these topics come rapped in a very funny presentation, as Eddie Izzard used us with. His mimic, body language and impersonation of the characters of his stand-up comedy video, Stripped. The only thing that is missing is stand-up comedian’s highs heals because apparently, for the Stripped video, he lost his transvestite.

Eddie Izzard talks about religion in Stripped video, like he has used us in his other stand-up comedy video. This time he talks about the Bible and he wonders how certain things like slavery, were not removed from The Book. Under the same topic, he points out that the Bible should have start with the statement that the Earth is round.

In stripped video, Stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard continues his animal routines with a bit about dinosaurs. It is absolutely funny to watch the stand-up comedian going on and on about how the life of dinosaurs was and how would they have gone to church and ruled the world. He is very funny to watch while he imitates a dinosaur singing in the church; it will have you in stitches.

Another subject Eddie Izzard talks about in Stripped video is the queen. His hilarious observation about how the queen does nothing at all, not even to wave at the people is hilarious. Also, the stand-up comedian made some really funny comments about how British people coughs danger and how the weapons where discovered during the Stone Age.

Watch online Eddie Izzard: Stripped video to see the comedian’s return to stand-up comedy that was long expected after his six years absence.

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