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Eddie Izzard: Sexie video was recorded in 2003, during his world tour through Australia New Zealand, Canada, USA, Ireland and the UK. Sexie video was filmed in Eastbourne, the birth place of his father and grandfather and where the stand-up comedian went to school. The stand-up comedy show was released on DVD the same year, before the comedian’s tour ended. In Sexie video, Eddie Izzard gives us one more drop of his humor.

In the same style he has used us until now, stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard delivers laughter after laughter for his fan’s delight. The Sexie video contains classic Eddie Izzard topics like history, animals, but also his breasts, origami and many more. Aside from his stand-up comedy performance, in Sexie video, stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard is really sexy. His outfit is astonishing and can make any woman jealous.

In Sexie video, one of the most funny stand-up comedy routines about Greek history is like a mixed story of the most famous Greek heroes. Stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard comments their stories in his own characteristic way, outrageously funny. He takes on characters like Paris and Helen of Troy, Odysseus and his Odyssey and much more. The way the stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard goes though their stories will have you on stitches from all the laughter.

Stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard, in Sexie video, explains why, for a while, he gave up the idea of appearing on stage with breast. He is hilarious, talented and very expressive- he proved this with every stand-up comedy video he released until now.

Stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard is always a thrill to watch and the Sexie video makes no exception. He is funny, he is wild, passionate and really sexy! So I recommend you to watch online Eddie Izzard: Sexie video to be totally convinced that it is worth to buy his DVD.

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