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Live at the Ambassadors was stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard's first stand-up comedy video, filmed in 1993, which for many years was out of production and very difficult to come by. However, it is available on CD from the official Eddie Izzard website, where it is pointed out that this performance will "never be released on DVD". However, it is available on VHS.

During Live at the Ambassadors video, you will se the man Eddie Izzard and not the transvestite Eddie Izzard. But is still the stand-up comedian we have all came to love because he never failed in entertaining us. Being his first stand-up comedy video, Eddie Izzard is rather nervous and a little insecure during Live at the Ambassadors video. But he is surely funny as hell.

Stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard has a very accessible kind of stand-up performance. He highlights everyday events and makes them amusing. One example of first class Eddie Izzard stand-up comedy humor, in Live at the Ambassadors video is shown when he talks about women taking the names of their husbands when they get married; he suggests that Prince Phillip should actually be known as King Elizabeth which very is amusing.

Maybe one of the best stand-up comedy routine in Eddie Izzard’s Live at the Ambassadors video is the one where Eddie talks of PMS. Every man who will watch this bit has to agree with the stand-up comedian: the PMS occurs the week before a woman’s period, the week after, the week of the period itself, and the week in between. It is absolutely hilarious the way he describes a woman during PMS.

Another funny topic in Live at the Ambassadors video is one related to the PMS routine: when Eddie Izzard describes a mother-daughter discussion about what the period is. It is very funny and reveals the stand-up comedian’s talent in impersonating.

It is almost melancholic to watch Eddie Izzard: Live at the Ambassadors video, the stand-up comedy show which shows us an early Eddie Izzard, making his way to our hearts trough laughter. Maybe he’s not that secure about his performance and he is kind of nervous but he is still really funny to watch.

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