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Eddie Izzard: Dressed to Kill video was taped in 1998 in San Francisco. This stand-up comedy concerts shows Eddie Izzard in all his glory. Dress to Kill video, released on DVD in 2004, is 114 minutes of guarantied non stop laughter.

One of the major themes Eddie Izzard approaches in Dress to Kill video is the differences between British/European and US culture. The stand-up comedy he delivers is, as he used us many times before, is both hilarious and very clever. On the other hand, the American audience seem like they didn’t get some of the British references presented in Dress to Kill video. The finale part of Eddie Izzard’s stand-up comedy performance, where he launches into a sketch in French, is simply a classic, sort of dumbing down in reverse.

Stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard’s Dress to Kill material is both fresh and deeply funny. It is always funny to watch Eddie Izzard’s stand-up comedy video and see him in action. He is very lively, he walks around the stage and his mimic and body language are truly hilarious. The most eccentric comedian, most probably ever, delivers a fantastic stand up routine from start to end.

In Dressed to Kill video, stand-up comedian talks about topics like history, how to perform the American National Anthem, how the British religion system works and what could have/should of happened on the first moon landing. This subject can be found in famous routines like Cake or Death, The Moon Landing, Do You Have a Flag?, Stonehenge and many more.

One of the funniest routines in Eddie Izzard’s Dress to Kill video is the one about the difference between British and American movies and how you can not eat popcorn while watching a British film. During this stand-up comedy routine, Eddie Izzard delivers laughter not only because of his jokes but more because of the way he delivers them. He is outrageously funny and will have you in stitches in no time.

Another hilarious moment in Dress to Kill video is the stand-up comedy routine about the building of Stonehenge. Stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard opens his mind to us and invites us to see how it works. It is always a thrill to be in Izzard’s mind because in there, things are so different and yet so funny. He has the ability to put his world in images that get to us exactly as they are and this is part of his talent in doing stand-up comedy.

If you want to really enjoy almost two hours of Eddie Izzard humor, you have to watch online Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill video and then you will surely want to buy a copy of the DVD.

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