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Eddie Izzard: Circle video was the comedian’s sixth stand-up comedy tour which took place in 1999-2000. This particular concert that appears on DVD taped in 2000 in New York and released in 2002. You can watch once again the eccentric surrealist stand-up comedian in 111 minutes of stand-up comedy which will have you on stitches.

Much of the delight of an Eddie Izzard stand-up comedy performance is watching him weave from topic to topic, often painting himself into a corner, and Circle video is no exception. In Circle video, like in any of his other stand-up comedy videos, Eddie Izzard is dealing with subjects ranging from the absurd to the everyday. Circle video gives you to watch routines about religion, history, movie characters like Darth Vader and much more.

During Circle video, stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard talks about religion, picturing the discussion between God and Jesus Christ after the Son leaved the Earth. This stand-up comedy routine is very funny, but for the religious type, it can be a little offensive. When the stand-up comedian makes sceneries it is always funny and it gets you wondering from where he gets his inspiration.

He also talks about Star Wars in Circle video. Perhaps one of the most famous stand-up comedy routine of the Circle show, The Death Canteen, puts Darth Vader in the canteen. It is outrageously funny not only the joke, but the stand-up comedian’s performance itself.

In Circle video, stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard also digs at Saving Private Ryan where not even one English soldier was seen throughout the entire move. With his stand-up comedy, Eddie Izzard holds his audience in the pal of his hand, even if he’s talking in front of Americans asking them “…do you know there are other countries…?” . This is nothing but an indication of Eddie’s confidence in his ability to make people laugh at them, without making them feel offended.

I highly recommend you to watch online Eddie Izzard: Circle video and see one of the stand-up comedian’s greatest performances.

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