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Believe is a 90 minutes stand-up comedy and documentary, directed by Eddie Izzard’s partner, Sarah Townsend, released on March 2010, by the Salient Media. The performance is a biographical study on the life of the stand-up comedian, Eddie Izzard, and focuses on his return to stand-up comedy after a three-year break.

The stand-up comedy performance is a portrait of one of the most famous British stand-up comedians of our time, is a true testament to hard work and never giving up following his dream as a stand-up comedian. Cameras follow the stand-up comedian as he works his way through workshops to a comeback tour, which was scheduled to culminate at Wembley Arena in London.

The stand-up comedian is sharing his life with his audience. The comedian talks about his childhood, his father, his mother's death, boarding school. During this film, the stand-up comedian emphasized aspects from his early life, how he progressed through his career, from school to street performer to where he is now. It's very refreshing to see him as he is, struggling with work, preparing his routines and sketches.

What makes this a stand-up comedy is the extras contain the whole Wolves routine from the comedian’s first TV appearance. In this special stand-up documentary, the comedian touches on themes that are familiar to everyone. The stand-up comedian speaks about his mother and mentions how he believes everything he has done was in an attempt to get her to come back. We can all relate to his loss (whether is our mother or someone else we love).

If you think that stand-up comedians do their time in small, local clubs and perform their routines at comedy festivals, different events and The Tonight Show, you couldn’t be more mistaken. The amount of labor, time, and money expended to become successful is enormous. But, first, the talent has to be there. And that’s exactly what this great stand-up comedian proves during the hour and a half stand-up comedy performance.

I highly recommend buying this DVD to anyone that likes Eddie Izzard and to anyone just looking to find information that hasn’t been seen before about a great, talented stand-up comedian.

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