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Dave Chappelle`s For What It`s Worth stand-up comedy show was filmed in San Francisco in 2004 at the well-known The Fillmore, on September 4th. Then the DVD was released on August 16th, 2005.

Dave Chappelle`s For What It`s Worth show starts with the comedian sharing a few opinions on the city itself. Then he moves to other subjects, such as black people and white people and the different food and drinks they consume, black celebrities, including Michael Jackson, Kobye Bryant, where AIDS came from, crackheads, native Americans, smoking in public, botox balls, the American justice system and grape juice.

The DVD of For What It`s Worth video does not offer you only his live performance. It includes some special features, as it is mastered in high definition and it also has a featurette – Left of center-mini-moments with Dave.

Critics say that For What It`s Worth video does not reach the level of his previous one, Killing Them Softly. On the other hand, Dave Chappelle`s fans appreciate very much his political undertone in this video, as well as the fact that the show makes you want to see it one more time.

Dave Chappelle`s inspiration in his stand-up comedy shows mostly comes from various artists, particularly from Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor. But his humor is refreshing and he never fails to amaze the audience with his performances. His observational as well as his political humor make him one of the greatest comedians. He knows how to deliver social commentaries without becoming preachy.

If you haven`t had the chance to hear about Dave Chappelle or to see his performances, the For What It`s Worth DVD is the way to introduce yourself to him. It is also a comedian not recommended to all types of audience. So if you are part of the easily offended one, maybe Chappelle`s stand-up comedy show is not your best choice. If you decide to buy and watch the DVD, you will definitely enjoy every minute of the 60 minutes runtime

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