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Dane Cook: Vicious Circle video was filmed in Boston at the TD Banknorth Garden in front of 18,000 fervent fans, in 2006 and released on DVD the same year. In the 90-minutes of stand-up comedy, Dane Cook delivers a hilarious routine in his own energetic way.

Dane Cook’s the Vicious Circle video touching universal subjects, which are timeless. The topics go from the therapeutic value of a good lie, the sincerity behind a post-sneeze God bless you, cheating and its value in relationships to the reason why women win all fights.

If you want to watch Vicious Circle, don't expect satirical insights on politics, the war, or even pop culture. Stand-up comedian Dane Cook talks about simple things which happen to us every day or we went trough them at least once. He is hilarious, he is all over the stage and he is, most of all, very confident in his delivery. This is his charm and, beyond the jokes he tells, maybe that’s why he has so many fans.

When he talks about cheating in Vicious Circle video, Dane Cook is very funny and most men agree with him. The way he describes the way home after a one night stand and trying to sneak in to your house (where you are living with your girlfriend) is outrageously funny. Is always a thrill to watch Dane Cook’s stand-up comedy performances because he always fills them with impersonations, mimic and body language which make the whole routine funnier than it already is. And the best part of this particular routine is that he starts it with a beautiful love story whose ending is nothing you’ll expect to hear.

Another hilarious routine from the Vicious Circle video Dane Cook prepared for your watching is the one about how a stranger’s sneeze, a grouse one, can lead to a religious polemics just by saying “God bless you”. The way stand-up comedian Dane Cook makes you see his world is almost incredible. He has such a great talent on talking in images which is also one of the things that makes his stand-up comedy so hilarious.

I strongly recommend you to watch Dane Cook: Vicious Circle and see Dane Cook at his best. He is a gifted stand-up comedian who makes it easy to connect with.

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