Dane Cook - Rough Around The Edges video

After Harmful if Swallowed video and Retaliation video, Dane Cook returns with the stand-p comedy show Rough Around the Edges. The stand-up comedy concert was filmed in 2006 and released on CD and DVD in 2007. The Rough Around the Edges video is a Dane Cook trademark material which will entertain you and make your day brighter.

In Rough Around the Edges video, as he used use before, Dane Cook has a way of delivering stand-up comedy that is so interesting and captivating. He makes you laugh before he even gets to the punch line. He is a truly gifted stand-up comedian who is so confident on the stage and so enjoyable to watch. Dane Cook’s energy will lift your spirits up from the beginning until the end and you will not regret watching Rough Around the Edges video.

Watching Dane Cook’s stand-up comedy performances makes you wonder where does he have that energy from. And what’s more interresting is the fact that he manages to give this energy to the audience as well and we have the Rough Around the Edges video proving this. What’s more, he transmits his energy not only to the crowd watching his stand-up comedy show live, but to the ones which are watching Rough Around the Edges on DVD as well. This is one of the things which make Dane Cook such a great stand-up comedian.

In Rough Around the Edges video, he talks about things guys do to impress girls, about the Civil War, herpes and much more. Dane Cook’s jokes are very funny, but are even funnier when you mix them up with his delivery which is hilarious. The way he is imitating voices, sounds, his mimic all contribute to a great stand-up comedy performance.

Stand-up comedian Dane Cook, in Rough Around the Edges video, tells us about how you don’t need to have a motorcycle to make you seem a tough guy, you just need the helmet! It’s not dangerous and it has the same effect: picking up girls.

I really think you would really enjoy watching Dane Cook: Rough Around the Edges video if you are a fan of the stand-up comedian Dane Cook. If you are not a fan, or if you are just descovering him, you will enjoy him as well because he takes on mundaine subjects and gives them a bit of a twist.

Quick Info Dane Cook - Rough Around The Edges video

  • Video Name: Rough Around The Edges
  • Release Date: November 13, 2007
  • Recorded at: Madison Square Garden, New York
  • Duration:
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 2007 | dane cook video |

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