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Dane Cook: Retaliation video was released in 2005 and it is the comedian’s second stand-up comedy concert, after Harmful If Swallowed. Be prepared to watch Dane Cook at his best; he is funny, crazy and energetic like he used us before.

Dane Cook is one of the top stand-up comedians in the stand-up comedy business today, headlining sold out shows coast to coast. The Retaliation video is very funny and engaging, touching subjects like dating, movies, parents-children relationship, the difference between your mother and your father and many other mundane topics that are all universal.

During Retaliation video, you can watch stand-up comedian Dane Cook while he realizes he's telling the jokes and that he's on stage, so he really plays with the potential of his medium. Dane Cook’s stand-up comedy is not a very profound one, it will not make you change your views but it will certainly make you laugh out loud.

In Retaliation video, like in general, Dane Cook's humor is shown partly in his bizarre outlook at the world around him, such as his plans for making himself a legend or how happy he is to see someone get hit by a car. But what makes this stand-up comedy video really hilarious is in delivery. The stand-up comedian’s choice of words and the way he delivers them is hard to describe in words. You have to watch Dane Cook’s Retaliation video for yourself. He doesn't have revolutionary ideas, but he will say things in such straight-forward way that will make you laugh almost out of surprise.

One of the most funny routines in Retaliation video is when stand-up comedian Dane Cook talks about going on a date to the cinema, from the guy’s point of view, of course. The way he describes how a girl reacts and the things that she makes one do when she fancies some “goodies” just moments before the movie is about to begin is outrageously funny. It's funny to listen and much more entertaining to watch.

Dane Cook’s Retaliation video has many hilarious moments about his parents as well, especially the one about the difference between talking to his mother and his father on the phone. Although Dane Cook aims a big part of his stand-up comedy at younger crowd, he is very original and diverse. He can make you feel good and feel better about your day by only watching his stand-up comedy performance.

To sum it up, I highly recommend you to watch Dane Cook: Retaliation video and you will see a stand-up comedian that delivers laughter with passion, enthusiasm and craziness.

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