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Dane Cook: Isolated Incident video was filmed only in front of 400 people at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood in 2009. The stand-up comedy video was released on DVD and had its premiere on Comedy Central later that year. Isolated Incident video comes with a slight change in Dane Cook’s style and he touches one of the most sensitive subjects for him. But he is still the hilarious and energetic stand-up comedian as he used to be in the first two stand-up comedy video before.

Isolated Incident stand-up comedy show was, very intimate, performed in a nightclub atmosphere where Dane shared the audience's energy in a real-time performance, without a safety net. Stand-up comedian Dane Cook showcases a darker and more personal routines with cutting edge material that pushes the envelope, making people laugh at the same time.

Isolated Incident video is one of the most controversial yet funny stand-up comedy performances he did. Stand-up comedian Dane Cook tackles many taboo subjects, so the Isolated Incident video is not for the faint of heart. But he has a big advice for all of us, fans or haters: one must see the funny side of a situation in order to get the full perspective.

Dane Cook’s stand-up comedy show Insolated Incident is fearless and hysterical as always. He stars his performance talking about the president Barak Obama and racism, which was funny but you could see that he was just warming up. But then he got funnier with every bit. In Insolated Incident video he also talks about suicide and he hilarious. He got on a lane that not many comedians today would go, but he is courageous and the routine turned out to be very funny.

Dane Cook has always been a stand-up comedian that went in the open to provide humor. This thing, along with his scenic presence and euphoria made from Isolated Incident a quality stand-up comedy show. What is different about Isolated Incident video is that he talks about the loss of his parents, both dead because of cancer. It takes you a lot of courage to get up on a stage, being a stand-up comedian, and start to talk about your most personal and painful moments. But this is Dane Cook, he always was and we hope he’ll always remain this way

Don’t hesitate and watch Dane Cook: Isolated Incident video to see the same quality stand-up comedy performance Dane Cook used us with, but with a little bit of a twist.

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