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Dane Cook’s stand-up comedy video Harmful If Swallowed was released in 2003 and was the comedian’s first stand-up comedy show released on CD and DVD. The Harmful If Swallowed video release was very much expected from the comedian’s fans and he did not let him down. The fact which proves this is that Harmful If Swallowed video has sold in 5 years, from its release until April 16th 2008, over 1 million copies in the US alone.

Stand-up comedian Dane Cook is one of the freshest stand-up comedians working today, headlining many of the nation's most prestigious comedy clubs. In Harmful If Swallowed video, Dane Cook talks about ordinary day to day things and puts them into a hilarious light. In this particularly stand-up comedy show, you can watch Dane Cook performing routines like Operation Monopoly, Five Sisters, Nightmare, Not So Kool Aid and many more which will put you in stitches.

In Harmful If Swallowed video, like in al of his stand-up comedy concerts, Dane Cook’s jokes are straight forward, and everyone ca relate to them. Dane Cook's charisma is unmistakable and his material has improved over the years. In Harmful If Swallowed video, the stand-up comedian’s acting style, good looks, and endearment to the audience are the quality with which a star is born.

One of the most funny and famous stand-up comedy routine performed by the energetic Dane Cook in Harmful If Swallowed video is Operation Monopoly. In this bit he describes a game of Monopoly with his grandmother until 3 a.m. It is hilariously funny and in this particular part of the stand-up comedy show Harmful If Swallowed you can catch a glimpse of the craziness everybody talks about. Much of his comedic value is very dependent on a lot of the craziness of him acting out on stage.

Stand-up comedian Dane Cook is becoming more known by the second, even if you like him or not. But his comedy is great and the Harmful If Swallowed video is the proof. He is talented not only at telling jokes but at playing them as well. He has some real interesting outlooks on situations but for the most part all of us have thought the same way one time or another. These are only few reasons why you should watch online Dane Cook: Harmful If Swallowed video. Then I’m pretty sure you will want to buy his DVD for yourself and you friends.

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