Dana Carvey: Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies Video

The one hour long stand-up comedy performance, Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies, is set by Dana Carvey and was released on August 19, 2008 by the HBO Home Video. The DVD includes a copy of the stand-up comedian’s first HBO special, "Critic's Choice".

Dana Carvey is the best standup comedian from my list and the most imaginative comedian and impressionist working today. The stand-up comedian knows how to point out all the funny and ironic things in life, all the things we know are true and that nobody else has ever risked saying out loud. His comedy style is occasionally profane, but never offensive, satirical, but never really nasty.

While performing this stand-up comedy, the talented comedian runs through most of the major political figures like Bill and Hillary, Obama, Regan Arnold, Al Gore and others. These sketches are a must see for those who want to notice how the stand-up comedian mimics and satirizes all these politicians and the way he captures things about their essence and compares them to something familiar in a surprising and funny way. The stand-up comedian makes fun of them without being cruel.

The stand-up comedian great impression of Schwarzenegger isn't just about the Austrian accent, but rather captures the whole guy in a way no other comic can. His sketches about the 2008 election and religion are unique, incredible funny, but never really nasty. The stand-up comedian can take old subjects, like talking about middle age and make them hysterically funny in a whole new way. He is definitely an expert in comedy and he knows what he is doing.

The stand-up comedian’s impressions of Andy Rooney or of Regan Oracle will have you laughing your butt off. The sketches about the comedian’s heart doctors and their various approaches to "bedside manner" are priceless because it's so true to everyone's experience. The question and answer routine is also worth watching.

Be sure to pick this stand-up comedy up because you will want to show it to all your friends just so you have an excuse to watch it again. Trust me, you can watch this stand-up routine dozen times and still laugh out loud.

Quick Info Dana Carvey: Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies Video

  • Video Name: Dana Carvey: Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies Video
  • Release Date: August 19, 2008
  • Recorded at: HBO HOME VIDEO
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 2008 | dana carvey videos |

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