Colin Quinn returns with "Unconstitutional" show at The Barrow Street Theatre

Colin Quinn, the Irish-American comedian returns in the spotlight with another political set of jokes. The one-man show is all about the Constitution and an imperfect union and he explains why: “I’ll tell you why. Because it’s the one thing that we’re all experts about, which is amazing and impressive because none of us have read it,” he says. “It’s four pages long. That’s kind of a hassle.”

He is well documented with articles and amendments and, at the end, he comes to a conclusion: Our divided nation needs a new Constitutional Convention. “We set it up so it wouldn’t work. But I don’t think it’s supposed to not work this way,” he says.

It’s one unique show. Of course other comedians talk about politics but most of them include that in daily aspects and the references are only some one-joke per show. His ability of talking about it and making fun of something that affects us is not common. Even if he’s right or wrong you get a whole new point of view on politics.

His new show is called “Colin Quinn Unconstitutional” and it opens Thursday at The Barrow Street Theatre.

He has no limits when it comes to talking about what it bothers him. He jokes in a serious way about defending gun owners and why no one moks President Barack Obama.

This political correctness is so annoying to me. It’s always bugged me. Any comedian worth his salt is going to be bugged by it. It’s censorship,” he says. “It’s social censorship.”

When it comes to what he stand for, he admits that he is ideologically all over the map – pro-gun, pro-abortion rights, pro-death penalty and pro-gay marriage. One thing he’s against is overcrowding.

Quick Info Colin Quinn returns with "Unconstitutional" show at The Barrow Street Theatre

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