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Chris Rock stand-up comedy video, Bring the Pain, was released in 2002. This is Chris Rock’s second stand-up video, after the 1994 Big Ass Jokes. The original stand-up comedy concert had its premiere on 1st of June, 1996 and was filmed at the Takoma Theatre, Washington DC. Chris Rock is one of America’s young talents and has a lot of fans. Chris Rock videos are one of the most successful stand-up comedy videos.

For 58 minutes, stand-up comedian Chris Rock lashes out at America's socio-cultural landscape and its hard truths. In In Chris Rock Bring the Pain video, free-wheeling observations remain painfully funny. The result is a landmark in stand-up comedy and one of stand-up comedian’s finest hour.

Chris Rock’s Bring the Pain video starts with a hilarious bit on Marion Barry. He meditates on the fact that Barry managed to get reelected as mayor of Washington after being involved in a drug scandal. Stand-up comedian Chris Rock also makes outrageously funny comments about Colin Powell, highlighting the low expectations white people hold for black people.

In Chris Rock’s Bring the Pain stand-up comedy video, you can also watch bits about O.J., this video being taped in the mid-90. Even if it was over disscused by almost every comedian that time, Chris Rock manages to go deeper than most of them, analyzing what the case said about the nature of fame and America's racial divide. One of the real high point of the Chris Rock’s performance in Bring the Pain is Chris's discussion of the divisions within black America itself, exemplified by the distinction he draws between black people and "niggers”. Stand-up comedian’s views are hilarious, thought-provoking, and really accurate at the same time.

Chris Rock’s Bring the Pain video has other hilarious bits for you to watch and enjoy: education, the crack epidemic, family values, sex and relationships While Chris Rock’s Bring the Pain video touches sensitive subjects, he manages to remain intelligent, practical and sensitive, trying at the same time to send a moral message. He may be cruel at times, but he stands for ideas like responsibility and self-respect, things that many have forgot nowadays.

Stand-up comedian Chris Rock delivers laughter in his somewhat annoying high-pitched and rough-sounding way. This is one more of the reasons you should watch online Bring the Pain video and then you will surely want to purchase it.

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