Celebrating 30 years since the great "Bill Cosby: Himself" concert

From childhood to parenthood, Bill Cosby took us to all the great and worst moments with his stand-up shows. Thirty years ago, the audience has had an amazing time with the legendary concerts of Cosby, “Bill Cosby: Himself”. We still enjoy his concert and learn many great things from it.He needed no impersonations or dynamic on stage. The concert showcases Cosby's trademark conversational style of stand-up comedy; Cosby is seated at the center of the stage, only getting up to emphasize a joke.

The concert became a movie in 1983 featuring all his routines.

The entire movie is about the struggle of raising children illustrated with anecdotes about his family. Other topics include grandparents, going to the dentist, people who drink too much or drug addicts. He also talks about his childhood dreams and memories with his parents and or kids, making jokes along the way.

Ray Romano, Jerry Seinfeld, Sarah Silverman and Patton Oswalt are celebrating 30 years since the movie was released:

“Cosby is a really great actor, he can mimic everything—the kid, the mother, whatever. He's in the moment as he's telling that story and the audience reads it in his face and his demeanor, his everything, and they're thinking along with him.” Ray Romano

“I was just another teenager growing up in suburbia. I'd heard all his albums and was a big fan. But to see him visually doing what he was doing, that was a big deal. Up to that point a lot of the standup I'd watched was very frenetic and they would run around onstage and be very active. He was sitting down but even more in control because of that. He was kind of controlling the volume of what he was doing and the impact of what he was saying.” Patton Oswalt

“He paints murals as opposed to pictures, and that's what really separates him. Not only do you have to have that comedic skill but you also have a tremendous gift of stage presence to hold the audience's attention that long. Comedians, we don't take pauses like him. If I took a pause like that, by the time I started talking again half the room would be empty. But the audience has such natural confidence in him, and he has in himself, and that's a bond. That they're gonna wait. They trust him. They know he's taking them somewhere good. That's when you can take a pause like that.” Jerry Seinfeld

Quick Info Celebrating 30 years since the great "Bill Cosby: Himself" concert

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  • Release Date: 1983
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