Brett Butler Presents :The Southern Belles of Comedy Video

Brett Butler Presents The Southern Belles of Comedy is a stand-up comedy directed by Steve Race, performed by five stand-up female comedians: Brett Butler, Pat Brown, Trish Suhr, Lisa Landry, Sarah Tiana. The stand-up comedy has been released on the market in September 22, 2009, by Vanguard Cinema and has a run time of 78 minutes.

This particular stand-up comedy is host by Brett Butler whom stand-up comedy style is in this show different, more hilarious, brilliant and full of hysterical moments. The stand up comedian performs with four up-and-coming comedians. These women are southern, sexy, strong-minded, simply irresistible and surely hysterically funny. Trish Suhr, Lisa Landry, Pat Brown and Sarah Tiana are four comedy performers who have risen through the comedy ranks in the shadow of great female stand-up comedians like Brett, but are now joining her on stage for this legendary stand-up comedy special!

The Southern Belles of Comedy is the first female ensemble stand-up comedy show released on the market. The first stand up comedian performing on the stage was Trish Suhr who started off with “Big hair, I love it. The bigger the hair is the closer to the lord.” The stand-up comedian has been doing stand-up comedy for more than eight years and she certainly proved that it’s worth keeping an eye out for her.

The second stand-up comedian to perform is Sarah Tiana who started to perform stand-up comedy in Los Angeles. The stand-up comedian is hilarious in a self-deprecating valley-girl with a southern accent kind of way. Her routines are absolutely hilarious. The stand-up comedian makes fun of herself talking about college: “I graduated from college and everybody was like ‘Sarah, the only reason you graduated with honors is ‘cause your daddy is on the board of directors.’ and I was like, ‘ha, joke’s on you – I slept with my professors’.

The third stand-up comedian performing on the stage is Pat Brown. The stand-up comedian lives in Atlanta and has been doing stand-up comedy for more than 12 years. The stand-up comedian's style is smart silliness, wrapped in good-natured fun. The stand-up comedian is full of energy and helped her establish her universal appleal with black, white, corporate and even religious based crowds.

The 4th lovely stand-up comedian to perform was Lisa Landry. The Louisiana native is incredibly skilled, her movements on the stage are hilarious and her routines utterly funny:” two things I hate – math and self-deprecation.

Last on stage was the stand-up comedian Brett Butler, who is always at her best when she is making fun of people. The stand-up comedian’s authenticity is her ability to cope with her life’s problems through the use of humor.

A must own for any fan of stand-up southern comedy. Purchase this stand-up DVD if you want to have a good laugh with these four stand-up hilarious female comedians.

Quick Info Brett Butler Presents :The Southern Belles of Comedy Video

  • Video Name: Brett Butler Presents: The Southern Belles of Comedy
  • Release Date: September 22, 2009
  • Recorded at: Vanguard Cinema
  • Duration: 78 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 2009 | brett butler video |

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