Bob Alper: Rabbi/Stand-Up Comic (Really)

Rabbi Bob Alper Stand-Up Comic is a stand-up comedy concert in which a clergyman is doing stand-up comedy, as the cover clearly states: “Intentionally!” Alper is a rabbi, and a practicing one as well, who also specializes in stand-up comedy, being the only one in the business.

Rabbi/Stand-up Comic (Really) is an autobiographical comic CD on which clean jokes and religious humor alongside some well-told funny story are presented by an actual exponent of the mosaic religion. Bob Alper is a professional stand-up comic, delivering professional jokes and funny stories on a solid comedy CD, which is not presenting the classical “two Jews walked into a bar…”, on the contrary, the jokes and sketches Alper delivers are directly inspired from the life of the Jewish community and his personal life as a rabbi.

Stand-up comedian Bob Alper develops on this stand-up comedy concert twelve routines which are mostly focused on Jewish background like: differences between old and modern Hebrew, community, conversions, Israel, Jewish Law and Tradition. Among these the stand-up comedian and rabbi inserts personal situations like family, travels, congregation, having the ability of making fun not only with general overlooks but also with an individual introspective look.

What is interesting and noticeable is the fact that one should not be necessarily Jewish to understand Bob Alper’s jokes, because, as a professional stand-up comedian, he knows how to make them universal. Alper’s jokes are intellectual, non-political, relaxing, never offensive or mean, and his style is an incredible simple, easy and funny one, strongly opposing the age of angry, offensive, political, foul and mean stand-up comedy.

Bob Alper’s stand-up comedy concert from Rabbi/Stand-up Comic (Really) is indeed another way of creating fun and quality comedy. The comedian is not only a guy who thinks he’s funny and wants to earn some extra money, but Alper’s a real comic performing stand-up comedy with engagement and pleasure, sharing his unique experience with the rest of us.

So if you want to learn something about the well-known Jewish humor and their culture and civilization in the most comic way you should not miss listening to Bob Alper Rabbi/Stan-Up Comic CD concert.

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