Billy Connolly: Two Night Stand Video

Billy Connolly recorded his live Two Night Stand video during his tour of Britain in 1997.The stand-up comedy video is split into two shows: one in London and the other in Glasgow. Both shows run about 45 minutes each. The DVD Billy Connolly – Two Night Stand was released in October 11, 2004, for all of his fans delight.

Stand-up comedian’s Bill Connolly apparently rambling style of anecdotal comedy has its own accumulative build. On both stand-up performance occasions he uses physical movement and vocal impressions to create a world of hilarious chaos.

From the London show, some of the topics covered by the stand-up comedian are the Irish, limousine service, funny awful things including a take on a man in Los Angeles with Toilette Syndrome, the curse of being funny as a failure to get women, fat people, and a motorbike accident. This firs part of the stand-up comedy video Two Night Stand by overly known Billy Connolly is a fine example of some of his best work. The performance of the jokes is amazingly funny, and has the quality of drawing the audience in even though the stand-up comedian is at times crude.

In Glasgow, Billy Connolly has lost his wild beard. In this part of the video the subjects include the Olympics, the upper class, an invitation to Christmas dinner, Mad Cow Disease, aging and shouting, and lions and wilde beasts. His bid to enter Glasgow for the Olympics, tales of gymnasts with wee bunches and whether tobogganing should be a vocation will make you wonder why Sydney and not Glasgow for the 2000 Olympics?

Both shows presented in the Two Night Stand video have their very funny jokes delivered in the fantastic Billy Connolly way and you can't possibly watch Billy Connolly without rolling around on the floor in hysterics at least once.

Once again Billy Connelly offers up a night of pure comedy. His stand-up comedy video Two Night Stand is the perfect way for you to spend your evening, and Billy Connolly is the perfect companion. Who can make you laugh harder than Billy Connolly does?

Quick Info Billy Connolly: Two Night Stand Video

  • Video Name: Billy Connolly: Two Night Stand
  • Release Date: October 11, 2004
  • Recorded at: Universal Picturee UK
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Stand up comedy concerts
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 2004 | billy connolly video |

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