Billy Connolly: Live in New York Video

Stand-up comedy concert Billy Connolly – Live in New York was filmed at New York's Town Hall in February 2005. In this performance, actor and stand-up comedian Billy Connolly is bringing his uncensored, uncut and unpredictable stand-up to the U.S.A With a huge international fan base, the hilarious Connolly releases his humor with shocking honesty and Scottish flair in the Big Apple. This marks his first filmed concert in America, after performing for 37 years in the rest of the English speaking world.

Part of what makes this stand-up comedy concert Billy Connolly – Live in New York funny and worth watching, is his willingness to take risks, gamble on the audience's loyalty, and push boundaries. When he's telling a story about his sister and suddenly veers off for several minutes about the jabbering verbosity of opera, he risks that you might get confused and simply stops watching. But it is this risk-taking that has made him so popular for so long, and has kept him creating new generations of fans.

Stand-up comedian Billy Connolly also covers topics such as going to the movies and the opera before moving onto stories from his life. A lot of the stories seem to come from before he became famous and they all seem to have that captivating quality to them. As he mixes stories from his past with observations he’s made through travelling it makes for an incredibly funny set.

The usual Billy Connolly traits are in the Live in New York stand-up comedy concert, as well from whether it's him addressing people in the audience or his unmistakable talent of going off on a tangent onto other stories and then coming back to somehow remember what he was talking about in the first place.

Stand-up comedian Billy Connolly tells his stories from when he was growing up, he talks about things that he does and easily manages to make people laugh at themselves. He also manages to make everyday things that happen seem funny as well.

The stand-up comedy concert of Billy Connolly is definitely the work of an elder statesman of comedy and you should watch online Billy Connolly Live in New york before you buy the DVD. Billy has the gravity of a patron saint of humor, but the explosive energy of a much younger man. This performance of the stand-up comedian is serving both as a continuation of a long and storied career and as a good introduction for new fans.

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