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Bill Maher Victory Begins at Home had the premiere on HBO in 2003 and was recorded at Hudson Theatre, in Manhattan, New York City. The one-hour stand-up comedy show was released on DVD in 2004 for the delight of all Bill Maher’s fans.

Victory Begins at Home video, stand-up comedian Bill Maher's show is the show all his fans were expecting. Bill Maher is much more than a stand-up comedy performer. We can refer to him as political analyst, voice of conscience, court jester, social critic, and tireless advocate of decency, honesty, and, yes, even patriotism. Indeed, Victory will ultimately serve as a time-capsule summary of political, personal, and religious absurdity in the age of George W. Bush, Middle East turmoil, and rampant terrorism.

In Victory Begins at Home video, stand-up comedian Bill Maher is the voice of angry and caring reason. He is excoriating the hypocrisy of politicians and priests, illegal vs. prescription drugs, our "feminized" society, or the good reason you should never buy diamonds. So, as everyone expected, the "Victory Begins at Home video" is the stand-up comedy concert in which Bill Maher takes on with a vengeance his favorite topics: sex, politics, religion and war.

You may not always agree with the stand-up comedian’s views, but I don’t think that this is Bill Maher’s aim. His aim really is to provoke people to think, to look beyond the garbage spewed by media grabbers. This is the exact situation with Victory Begins at Home video.

Victory Begins at Home video starts with stand-up comedian Bill Maher talking just a little bit about war and then passing to drugs and drugs commercials. This bit was really funny but sadly true at the same time. He pointed out that in one advertisement against the use of drugs was presented how two kids while left home alone got high and one of them shot the other with their father’s gun. Bill Maher pointed out the not the drugs where the big issue but the parent’s attention and education they gave to their children.

It is well known by now that the controversial Bill Maher is a voice of reason in a nation obsessed with terrorists, religious dogma, political partisanship, and male-female roles. It is always fun to watch Bill Maher "Victory Begins at Home video" and see the stand-up comedian tackling these and other topics in the way that only the former host of "Politically Incorrect" could. I recommend you to watch all Bil Maher's videos !

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