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Bill Maher's "The Decider video" was recorded in July 2007 at Berklee Performance Center in Boston and was released on DVD in November the same year. Stand-up comedian Bill Maher is one of the most highly credited comic minds today and this is shown in The Decider video without any doubt.

In The Decider video, stand-up comedian Bill Maher, known for his sharp wit, offers his candid and hilarious opinions on a wide range of social and political issues including sex, drugs, Iraq, immigration, President Bush, and much more.

Bill Maher’s stand-up comedy style is well known to be sharp and very well documented. Like wise is his stand-up video The Decider. Maybe the most appreciated routine in The Decider video is the one about George W. Bush, the ex president of U.S.A. At the time this video was released, George Bush was still the president and his popularity was on continuous dropping. Of course, Bill Maher did not let this opportunity to pass and took on him. The stand-up comedian delivered so much laugher because he shared the same beliefs with the audience.

Another hilarious performance included by Bill Maher in "The Decider video" is the one about men and women. The main idea of this routine is that men will do anything just to get rid of the women’s big “verbal fluency”. This stand-up comedy routine is very funny and I think the men all around agree with Bill Maher.

Although Bill Maher’s refreshing wit can sting, he is funny and truthful in the same time. He is an amusing stand-up comedian who also gets you thinking. The Decider video starts with some conservative and side splitting observations and the stand-up comedian moves to general life observations which prove that he really knows what are the jokes which will work with his audience. And he makes a very good job because the audience is really enjoying the stand-up comedy concert

Watch online Bill Maher The Decider video to see a series of hard-hitting, obscene, and rapid fire jokes which will have you in stitches. Bill Maher’s stand-up videos are refreshing and it’s worth buying his DVD’s.

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