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Bill Maher’s third HBO stand-up comedy performance, I’m Swiss video was filmed in March 2005 and released on DVD in November 2005. Stand-up comedian Bill Maher justifies the video’s name I’m Swiss from hiss embarrassment for being an American, statement made during the comedy show in Portland: "I don't hate America. I love America. (But) I'm embarrassed".

In "I’m Swiss video", like in all stand-up comedy performances, Bill Maher's tendency toward smugness and superiority regularly provoke the wrath of his opponents on the far right. His targets are many in I'm Swiss video, ranging from reality TV to Cialis and even Civil War reenactments, but he reserves most of his energy for "the morals and values crowd" and George W. Bush. He also takes on drugs, sex and many other ordinary topics, turning them in to pieces of stand-up comedy art.

In I’m Swiss video, stand-up comedian Bill Maher accuses the former president for turning the '04 presidential election into "a referendum on boys kissing," part of their campaign to "legislate taste" while using their "nonsensical and spiritually unnecessary" religious devotion to claim the high moral ground. He taking on George W. Bush is really common in his stand-up comedy performances, but he is funnier every time and if you are a fan of the former president, you might feel offended. Stand-up comedian Bill Maher in I’m Swiss video also comments on the Iraq war, describing Baghdad as "the galleria at Halliburton Square" which pretty much sums up Maher's feelings about that.

Another funny routine in I’m Swiss video is the one in which the stand-up comedian translate rap lyrics from Ebonics into “white”. It will make you laugh really hard and this shows how much of a talent he is when it comes to stand-up comedy. He can talk about serious subjects like politics and morals and he makes you laugh but he can also talk about rap and still make you laugh.

I highly recommend you to watch Bill Maher I’m Swiss video in order to enjoy 99 minutes of brilliantly funny stand-up comedy, Bill Maher trademark. So, if you are up for some politically and socially provocative stand-up comedy show, you will love this. In fact, I recommend you to watch all Bill Maher Videos, even if you disagree with his views

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