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Bill Maher Be More Cynical video was taped during his stand-up comedy concert in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, in 2000 and released on DVD in 2005. In Be More Cynical video, you can watch the wit and wisdom of stand-up comedian Bill Maher on display in this 68 minutes performance.

Outspoken and outrageously controversial, "Be More Cynical video" exposes Bill Maher’s views on sex, the war on drugs, religion, and other popular targets. Maher starts his stand-up comedy show explaining the show’s name, stating that we need to "be more cynical" so that we might avoid being duped by the real cynics out there.

Although stand-up comedian Bill Maher doesn't specialize in one-liners, he does have some good lines in Be More Cynical video, about Princess Diana, differences between men and women and religion. These are all universal subject who are funny now as they were a decade ago when the stand-up comedy concert was recorded, but he has some jokes about events which happened in 2000 which are kind of out dated. They are still very funny to watch because they wear the print of the great stand-up comedian who is Bill Maher.

Be More Cynical video is a classical Bill Maher stand-up comedy show where he talks about his usual favorite subjects: drugs, the annoyance of children, complaints about women's dishonesty, defense of Clinton's affair with an intern, the idiocy of George W. Bush and the Republican Party, and his skewering of religious ideology. They are all hilarious and even if you don’t agree with Bill Maher’s views, his observations will still get you thinking.

When discussing about man and women, even if this subject is on the lips of all comedians, Bill Maher makes some true and funny observations like the etiology of the word “menopause” which, on his opinion comes from “men on pause”. Another hilarious moment on the same subject presented by the stand-up comedian in Be More Cynical video is the one about the women’s choices on men: "men are as loyal as their options; women should stop complaining about men until they develop better taste in them.”

I highly recommend you to watch online Bill Maher Be More Cynical video because on this stand-up comedy concert he is more cynical than ever and he encourages us to be more cynical as well. This is pure Bill Maher entertainment and if you will enjoy it, I’m sure you yo will like all Bill Maher's videos and you will buy his DVD's.

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