Bill Burr: Why Do I Do This? Full Video

Every time Bill Burr does a stand up comedy video he tell it like it is. This show is no exception and the Why Do I Do This? video will make you relate to it more than you can imagine. Bill Burr likes to make gags about what piss people off and that is why he is one of the most loved Stand Up Comedians. Even though this is an older video you will see that people don't change and stand up comedy videos like this are worth while remembering on a day to day basis.

If you loved comedian Bill Burr on the Dave Chappelle show you will love him in this stand up comedy too. The act that he takes on everyday situations and makes them hilarious is enough for you to watch it and even get the DVD. I guess that "funny" is a subjective term though and what I deem as funny you might deem as awful. Some might think that the comedian is misogynistic in this stand up comedy video and... he is. That's why you must put your prejudice aside to fully enjoy this video.

One of the best routines on this video is the Making useless people one because there is truth to it and just plain funny (again with the subjective terms). Also a few of my favorite include (but are not limited to): dealing with racist grandmothers and beating his demons. If you watched the blipped version on Comedy Central and liked it. The full experience is a must have.

WARNING: This video might cause: snorting, abs hurting, tearing up and other "laugh too hard" conditions!

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