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Bill Burr: Let It Go Full stand up comedy Video is a culmination of the comedian's performance on the road in 2008 and 2009. This set of polished stand up comedy routines is truly a dream to watch. Even Bill Burr understands that the opportunity to be on stage where countless musicians and comedians have been in a rare honor for a stand up comic. This is why the comedian tries to come out with fresh material that will be enjoyed by the audience to it's full extent.

One of the best gags on this video is the one about "the worse people" - people are animals: "We need a plague! It's only going to kill the week!". Another one is the one about jobs that are hard to do vs jobs that are easy to do "Any Job you can do in your pajamas is not a hard job do do!" Witch do you prefer? This stand up comedy video was a world premiere on Comedy Central and for a good reason: It's new, fresh and just a nice way to pass your time!

Other reviews have said that this is the most polished DVD of Bill Burr they have seen and that 85% of the material is new. I think that because every time he comes on stage Bill Burr brings something new to his stand up comedy videos people love him so much. Many comedians spend time on refining their acts, Bill Burr spends time making new material for the stand up comedy videos you love and watch. I think that is why he is received so well within the stand up comedy fans community.

If you've seen this video on Comedy Central and think that you're not missing much. Look again because there are at least 20 minutes that haven't been played in the show on TV. Bill Burr: Let It Go stand up comedy DVD is also a must have because I promise you won't get tired of watching the video only one time. Every stand up comedy fan should have this in his collection. ave Fun Watching!

PS: The Extras are short and great!!!

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