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Bill Bailey doesn't have to use bad words in order to get his message out there. His shows are mostly for Adults and he can make you tear up with laughter. Bill Bailey Dandelion Video is one of his great stand up comedy performances. This, combined with the fact that it's fresh (released in 2010) will have you laughing in no time. Jokes about Iranian Hip Hop and internet love songs will have you laughing in no time.

Bill Bailey's stand up comedy video: Dandelion Mind starts out with the comedian's real life saga and continues with different hilarious rants about celebrities, TV Events, the creation of man and so on. He even has a rant about Michel Winner (bet Michael didn't find it funny though). This Stand up comedy video is a tribute to years of polishing the routines and rants that are combined into one great stand up comedy performance. You rarely find videos like this to watch.

Some of comedian Bill Bailey's charm comes from his music and the way he sees and interprets it. The comedian tells us about the music of his youth, German techno music and the French Disco remaking of Cars. The music in Bill Bailey's stand up comedy videos make most of the shows. Just your normal Bill Bailey then...

One of the trade marks of Bill Bailey is that he manages to attract and keep the audience's attention throughout the concert. This is why he is regarded of being one of the nice comedians out there. Bill Bailey can really manage an audience. This is why I think that even in front of your flat screen TV or computer monitor you will feel the same, as part of this great stand up comedy concert.

Some of the criticism the Dandelion Mind video has got is that Bill Bailey's music routines have lost some of their charm and punch. But then again it depends of what you are used to from Part Troll and Tinselworm. Maybe some of the critics aren't used to how the comedian's stand up comedy routines have evolved. Another thing is that people say it seems to drag in places. But this has always been the case with Bill Bailey... still we don't remember the drag from the videos. We tend to remember the great jokes he has bestowed upon us. This is why I am sure that things will remain as usual.

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