Bill Bailey: Cosmic Jam - Full Video

The Cosmic Jam show is Bill Bailey’s first ever live performance, being actually a decade old.  This is the show who would soon undoubtedly become one of Britain’s finest stand-up acts.

At the time of “Cosmic Jam”, Bill Bailey was hardly known, but certainly made an impressive  impact with the theatre and television audiences. A lot of subject matter revolves around drugs, relating his own experiences in such way that even the someone who didn’t even tried drugs would not find this offensive.

Music is another highlight in Bill’s show, himself being a great musician. He has his guitar slung over his shoulder most of the show, making music jokes about Starsky and Hutch with guitar effects. His band is also joining him towards the end of the show, singing “Human Slaves in an Insect World”, song that started a lot of laughs.

Even with the passing of time, Bill’s surreal comedy is an absolute delight. Because he doesn’t rely on current events, his humor hasn’t aged a day in spite of all the time passed from when “Cosmic Jam” was first played.Bill Bailey is a joy to watch, a fascinating and intelligent creature who excels at picking apart his own little world with comedic genius.

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