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Bill Bailey is one fun stand up comedian, not in the George Carlin or Kevin Hart sort of way, but when he is behind the keyboard that the show starts. The problem with this particular stand up comedy video is that comedian Bill Bailey spends too much time justifying why he is on stage, why he is doing what he is doing and so on. Some may think that he is boring at first but in this case it's good to spend a little time listening to his "ramblings" because the rest of the stand up comedy concert is fantastic. Bill Bailey has a neat way of combining music with stand up comedy and that is a special thing.

Throughout the show you will see that comedian Bill Bailey doesn't just use the keyboard to play songs, but turn it into a way of bringing you into the action as a sound effects aid. Stand up comedy videos by Bill Bailey are a definite watch because everything is new and different. I might say that he is one of a kind, but then again, they all are right? Location specific comedy routines and a huge laugh at their national food: cheese and toast are just two fun parts of this stand up comedy video. After getting the love from his audience at the beginning Bill Bailey pushes forward to making them feel special and the entire stand up comedy video is, thus, designed to make you feel good. That is what a stand up comedy video should do!

Bill Bailey has no structure in his stand up comedy performance and this is why you could jump to the middle of it and there are no related jokes you might have missed. Comedian Bill Bailey goes from one topic to the other in an instant. For example he jumps from the disappointment of Kinder Surprise to men's tendency to hide their ignorance in an instant. Comedian Bill Bailey (though boring at the beginning) will make you laugh so hard that you'll forget the "forgettable" parts of his stand up comedy video.

You should get his DVD because, even though it was recorded in 2001 it is still very funny today. Comedian Bill Bailey has a good face for comedy and he is very likable to his audience. This is just a nice stand up comedian giving you a great performance.

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