Arj Barker: LYAO

LYAO is a stand-up comedy video from the actor and stand-up comedian Arj Baker, his second live album, directed by Warner Brothers at WEA/Reprise Studio, DVD released on 26th January 2010, premiered by Comedy Central on 23rd January 2010.

Stand-up comedian Arj Barker creates twelve routines for the LYAO stand-up comedy show in a generally clean performance in which the comedian varies the genres and tackles on relationship, comedy, social, political humor. Arj Barker even goes into the surreal and absurd in certain parts of his comedy show, relating everything to everything, without any abrupt changing of the tone or interruption.

Although Barker’s routines seem quite independent from one another, the stand-up comedian has the special ability of maintaining a certain very soft relating line between each subject he chooses and every joke he makes. He links, for example, Somalian pirates to Disney, then to newspapers, then moves onto doctors. Other subject the comedian deals with in LYAO is global warming, from which he moves to jokes about astronomy. Arj Barker also plunges into some jokes and routines about World War II. Dealing with all these topics in a single stand-up comedy video and combining the routines makes Arj Barker a pretty good and original stand-up comedian.

The peak of stand-up comedian Arj Baker’s talent comes forth when he presents the jokes on the ode to water, references to the great English poet Shakespeare, who is very hard to get when dealing with stand-up comedy, jokes upon aging and how to deal with a child coming into one’s life, suggesting some personal and very amusing, brilliantly original solutions to the problems he mentions and mocks in LYAO video.

Combining unusual topics with great, hard and original ones is not an easy job when doing stand-up comedy in front of an audience ready to judge you while watching. But stand-up comedian Arj Barker comes with pertinent lines and a strong personality, active, engaged and entertaining from the very beginning to the end.

Watch Arj Barker LYAO video to witness not just stand-up comedy, but talent, courage and self-confidence, all in a single stand-up comedy show on a great video.

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